Caulfield Engineering’s professional staff has over 100 years of combined accident investigation experience. Our team has the breadth of experience to investigate nearly any type of accident. Whether the assignment is a plumbing failure, a chemical plant accident, or a boiler explosion, Caulfield Engineering has the technical and investigative skills to determine what happened as well as manage, document, and retain evidence for any size or type of site.

Caulfield Engineering provides rapid response to any accident at any time. Our team responds with the correct personnel to address your accident scene. These personnel are highly experienced in collecting all factual site evidence as well as managing the accident site and communicating with governing authorities.

The first and most important step in any accident investigation is proper scene documentation and evidence collection. Caulfield Engineering relies on state of the art technology for accident scene documentation and evidence collection. Drones, color laser scanners, and calibrated digital cameras make up some of our on-site documentation equipment. Armed with these technologies, our professional staff knows how to apply them effectively to gather key evidence and utilize it in engineering analyses.

Our talented technical staff utilizes all key data and evidence sources, as well as their education and backgrounds, to determine what happened and most importantly why it happened. Caulfield professionals rely on the principles of the scientific method to understand the interactions between humans, machines, and the environment to arrive at clear and comprehendible solutions to the most complex problems. Our approach ensures that all contributing factors to the accident are identified, as well as issues that are likely to be raised by other parties.