Machinery is used in almost every industry to make, assemble, modify and produce products, components or materials.  Humans must interface and work with these machines to produce the product and/or to maintain the machine.  Machine safety is an important consideration in the design of machinery.  Caulfield Engineering provides accident investigation and accident prevention services related to machinery safety.  We consult on issues ranging from product design, guarding, lock-out tag-out (LOTO), machine maintenance, and operator training.

We have evaluated a wide variety of machines used in many different industries.  These include power presses, conveyors, food and material processing equipment, and other manufacturing related machines.  Our engineers consult with machinery manufacturers and users to assist them with implementing safeguarding equipment and procedures to minimize the potential for injuries to workers.  Caulfield Engineers are well versed in workplace safety principles and hazard recognition and are knowledgeable in governmental and industry standards for a wide variety of machines used in various industries such as:

  • Mechanical power presses
  • Woodworking and metalworking machines
  • Conveyors and other material handling equipment
  • Agricultural and landscaping equipment
  • Scrap metal processing and waste handling equipment
  • Mining and construction material processing equipment
  • Earth moving equipment and machinery