Trade secrets are the intellectual property of the company and represent a competitive advantage for that company in the market place. Trade secret theft can cost a company millions, or even billions, of dollars in lost revenue and place a company at a competitive advantage. Likewise, being incorrectly accused of stealing trade secrets can cost a company valuable progress and money.  When questions arise regarding trade secrets, it is vital to ensure that you have the experts with technical expertise to effectively analyze the issues at hand. 

Trade SecretsCaulfield Engineering’s intellectual property experts have a diverse background including materials and metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry which can be leveraged together to arrive at comprehensive analyses. 

Our detail-oriented experts have worked on numerous trade secret cases to provide in-depth technical comparisons between products, product development, and processes. Caulfield Engineering scientists, engineers, and technicians can build custom models and simulations to explore and explain the subject matter with a scientific approach, shedding light on questions of trade secret theft.